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List as of February 24

Denis and Maureen Aba

Bob and Tay Adams

John and Lyn Adams

John and Polly Adourian

Jim and Geri Altieri

Brad and Fran Anderson

Richard and Anne Anderson

April Anderson

Kim and Gloria Anderson

Bob and Lucy Anderson

Mark and Susan Anderson

Jay and Judy Anglada

Jay and Carolyn Antenen

Lois Appleby

Vincent Apruzzese

Bernard and Mitzi Armstrong

Herb and Vicki Aspbury

Frannie Atchison

Carol Atkinson

Richard and Nancy Axilrod

Jerry and Lynn Babicka

Robert and Mary Bahr

Bill and Alice Bahrenburg

Samuel and Janet Bailey

Chip and Linda Baines

Janet Baines

Kathleen Balderston

Barbara Baldwin

John and Sarah Banks

David and Tina Banta

Rick and Suzanne  Betts

David and Cynthia Bardes

Brian and Pam Barefoot

Dick and Marian Barnard

Edward and Elizabeth Barr

Drew and Ann Barton

Marilyn Beck

Paul and Jayne Becker

Steve and Jackie Bell

Ned and Jill Benedict

James Berges

Ted and Debbie Berghorst

Renee Bigler

Eric and Fuzzy Billings

Bill and Ginny Birch

Elliston and Melissa Bissell

William and Marcia Blackburn

Fritz and Gay Blaicher

Don and Mary Blair

John and Liz Blanchard

Gerald and Anne Blatherwick

Dudley and Kay Blossom

Barry and Karen Bocklet

Frank and Colleen Bonner

Susan Bouma

David and Melissa Bowser

Hal and Ann Boyd

James and Jackie Bradley

Margaret Bragg

Judy Bramson

William and Kelly Brewer

Russell and Nancy Brewer

Theodore and Sally Brickman

Tim and Pat Brier

Peter and Susie Brinckerhoff

Jim and Suzy Broadhurst

Sallie Brooke

Mary Ellen Brophy

Raymond and Jeannette Brophy

Bob and Cindy Broten

Carole Brown

Tom and Nonie Brown

Gordon Brunner

Bill and Laura Buck

Tony and Lyn Buford

Willie and Lisa Bullock

Freeman and Anne Bunn

David and Nanette Burrows

Bruce and Jane Burton

Peggy Callinan

Dick and Mary Campbell

Bill and Karen Campbell

Kathy Canzoniero

Thomas and Janet Caputo

Herb and Liz Carden

Chase and Wendy Carey

James and Laurie Carney

Richard and Mary Carpenter

Ben and Leigh Carpenter

Dick and Lisa Carr

Sam and Judi Carroll

Sara Carter and Harry  Pepe

Allen and Erin Castner

Harry and Mary Ann Charlston

Homer and Gertrude Chisholm

William and Maryann Christie

Joan Nicolais and Anthony Cicatiello

Mary Ann Clayton

Roz Cline

Steve and Jane Coley

Cecil and Amy Conlee

Terry and Charlene Connolly

Tom & Kathleen Connor

Nick and Sarah Connors

Jay and Shay Connors

Joan Conroy

Everett and Helen Cook

Catherine Cooke

Anne Cooney

Robert and Susan Cotter

James and Melinda Cotter

Angela Coughlan

Peter and Carol Coxhead

Charles and Frances Cramb

Parker and Sandy Crowell

Chip and Kathy Cruice

Ed and Barbara Crutchfield

Tom and Liz Curnes

Dottie Currie

Harry and Nancy Curtis

William and Susan Dake

Susan Dallas Dee and Peter  Dee

Jim and Denise Daly

Patsy Daniels-Lindley

Timothy and Jackie Danis

David and Nancy Danis

George and Georgia Davala

James and Wendy Daverman

Shirley Davies

Dick and Maryanne Davis

Ned and Sherry Ann Dayton

Scott and Susan Deal

Al and Joan DeCrane

John and Linda Deitchman

Rohit and Kay Desai

Glenn and Ginger DeSimone

Dick and Barbara  Detwiler

Nancy Devlin

Dick and Marcy DeWolfe

Laura Evans and James Diack

Sam and Jordy Di Feo

Charles and Martinna Dill

John and Ann Dillon

Frank and Beatrice Dinger

John and Susan Dobbs

Naddy Dolan

Alan and Barbara Donaldson

Ben and Tauna Donaldson

George Donohue

Bob and Karen Drury

Charles and Christine du Pont

Steve and Edie Dubord

John and Patty Dudzik

Ronald and Emma Dunbar

Thomas and Janice Dunlevy

Charles and Karen Dunton

Colin and Anne Dunwoody

Robert and Edith DuPuy

Donald and Sally Dussing

Mark and Bonnie Earle

Ginni Edwards

Molly Butler Hart and Mike  Griffin

Hope Eiseman & Bob Grusky

Patti Bunston – Gunn and Steve Gunn

Robert and Frances Elliott

Ted and Thyra Elliott

Kitty Elliott

David and Christy Elwell

Sandy and Lissa England

Nancy Eppel

Caroline Royster Ervin

Chandler and Marsha Everett

Kathy Faber

Chips and Diane Feeley

Eugene and Susie Feinour

Aurelio and Berta  Fernandez

Pete and Katharine Ferris

Dennis and Ellen Ferro

Luke and Nancy Fichthorn

Jim and Janet Field

Edward and Cathy Filusch

Gary and Cordia Fischer

Jim and Donna FitzGerald

Brennon and Liz FitzPatrick

Eleanor Naess and David Fitzsimons

Bill and Kathy Flatley

Fredrick and Marcia Floyd

Jack and Glenda Floyd

Betsy and Doug Fox

Gerald and Karen Fox

Terry and Linda Fox

Thomas and Carol Frazier

Bill and Kate Freeman

William and Susan Friesell

Anthony and Eileen Furino

Fred and Laurie Gaertner

Vincent & Renee Gallagher

James and Toni Gallagher

Janet Gallagher

Clay and Mary Gallatin

David and Gloria Gamrasni

Gene and Mary Anne Gargaro

Mark and Jill Garvin

David and Michelle Gee

Rennie Gibb

Bob and Wheatie Gibb 

Martin and Ginger Gibson

Duncan and Susan Gibson

Betty Ann Ludington and Bob Gillard

Bruce and Gale Gillespie

Edward and Laura Gillette

Cletus and Fran Gilson

Bill and Lynda Glavin

Walt and Ginny Glazer

Robert and Stacy Golding

Willis and Marilynn Goldsmith

Molly Goodman

Richard and Dee Gordon

Frank and Ramsay Gorham

Chris and Nancy Gotfredson

Stuart and Kate Graham

Flint and Dottye Gray

Bill and Anne Grealis

Madison and Nora Grose

Charlie and Barbara Gulino

Herbert and Anne Gullquist

Joe and Kathy Gundermann

Duke and Gael Habernickel

Randy and Mary Hack

Wit and Donna Hall

Thomas and Barbara Hammond

Bruce and Sandy Hammonds

Diane Margison and John Hanauer

James and Beverly Hance

Paul and Susan Hanson

Gordon and Mary Harnett

Laura Harris

Molly Harris

John and Kathy Harris

Thom and Kristen Harrow

Neil and Ann Hart

Charles Hastings and Florence Durfee-Hastings

Edgar and Noreen Haug

Christopher and Ellenann Haughey

Barbara Hauptfuhrer

Ted and Michael Hauser

Richard and Rosemary Haverland

Grace Hay

Samuel and Kathy Hayes

Alan and Jeanne Heffernan

Joan Henderson

Brian and Deborah Henry

Dave and Susie Hentschel

Sandra Herman

John and Suzanne Hessian

Harry and Marnie Hicks

Ed and Betty Higginbotham

William and Jane Higgins

George and Marlen Higgs

John and Helen Higgs

Lucius and Wendy Hill

Tuny Hill

Grace Hinkley

George and Emilie Hinman

Edward and Helen Hintz

Mike and Joan Hoben

Hobb and Louie Hoblitzell

Eve Hoffman

Bill and Joan Hoffman

Gary and Julie Holloway

William and Elissa Holmes

Harry and Sandy Holmes

Sidney and Julie Holthaus

Robert and Jeaninne Honstein

Thomas and Jeanette Hopkins

David and Michele Horan

Lew and Faith Horton

Sherm and Barbara Hotchkiss

George and Lexie Howard

Lou and Ginny Hoynes

Joseph and Louise Huber

William and Frances Hudson

Marty and Julie Hughes

John and Jacquiline Hullar

Timothy and Cynthia Hultquist

Marty Hunter

Sally Iglehart

Christopher and Frances Ingraham

Paul and Lynn Ingrassia

Robert and Tracey Ivey

Betty Jacobsen

Leander and Susan Jennings

Faye Jennings

Burney and Dina Jennings

Dona Jensen

Jim and Sandy Johnson

Allen and Ann Jones

Suzanne Joos

Tom and Claire Joyce

Paul and Michelle Julian

Pete and Helen Justi

Tac and Melinda Justi

Mark and Courtney Kagan

Gail Kagler

Armen and Katherine Kalaydjian

Paul and Jill Kaneb

Peter and Persey Kapsimalis

Susie Kasten

Bernie and Linda Kastory

Jean Katarincic

Howard and Susan Katelman

John and Pam Kean

Karen and Tom Keating

Gilbert & Liz Keegan

Pat and Regina Keeley

Philip and Daisy Keevil

Michael and Cary  Keigher

Paula Keinath

Don and Martha Keller

Patricia Kells

Edmond and Deborah Kelly

Bruce and Brenda Kelsey

Jay and Karen Kemmerer

Peter and Ellen Kendall

Bill and Beth  Kendrick

Stephen and Ginger Kent

Rick and Lynn Kentz

France Kenyon

Muncie and Penny Keras

Bob and Kate Khanna

James and Theresa Kilman

Bobbie Kimber

Bill and Libby King

Ken and Susan Kirchner

Don and Betsy Kittell

Jerry and Jana Klauer

John and Karen Klopp

Jim and Jen Koman

John and Ruie Kramer

Stuart and Susan Krawll

Karl and Lynn Lady

Lou and Judy  Lafage

Brian and Ginger Lake

DeDe Lambert

Jim and Katie Lasker

Tim and Susan Lawrence

David and Delena Law-Smith

Jake and Pam Layton

Donald Layton

Alan and Kathy Leahey

Alain and Leah Lebec

John and Cindy Lee

Sue Hammond and Richard Leftwich

Ben and Kyle Legg

Terry and Jeannie Lindsay

Jim and Suzi Locke

Dave and Lisa Logan

Charlie Long

Dennis and Ashby Longwell

Lyn Lord

Susan Lovett

Michael and Lela  Low

Bill and Diana Lower

Jerry and Karol Lynch

Roger and Nancy Lynch

Francine Lynch

Evy Lynch

Woody and Hope Lynn

Chuck and Mary Susan Lyon

Bill and Gail Lyons

Peggy Lyons

Bill and Susie MacDonald

Thomas and Christine Mackin

James and Sylvie MacLean

Bert and Pam MacMannis

Barry and Robin MacTaggart

Robert and Terry Madden

Lori Maddox

Alan and Maureen Maguire

Donald Mahaney

Richard and Laura Maier

Neely and Suzanne Mallory

Jack and Lynn Malloy

Jim and Jeanne Manley

John and Pamela Mariani

Terry Marks

Dennis and Karen Marlo

Sally Marquardt

Richard and Joan Marra

Douglas and Ellyn Marshall

John and Sara Marshall

James Marver

Stewart and Megan Massey

Marilee Matteson

Lulu and Jamie McAndrews

Ellie McCabe

Timothy McCarthy

Mary Grimm and Griffin McClellan

Ross and Susan McConnell

Alan and Priscilla McCord

John and Susan McCord

Nancy McCormack

Barbara McCorvie

Carolyn McCoy

Rick and Jan McCoy

Eugene and Judy McCulloch

Rick and Laura McDermott

Dina Clason and William McDermott

David and Barbara McDonald

Scott and Ruth McElroy

Bob and Paula McEniry

Kevin and Elizabeth McGill

Arthur and Louise McGinnes

Ron and Connie McGlynn

Robert and Patricia McGreen

David and Wilson McKane

Michael and Nancy McKeever

Steve and Liz McKeever

Jay and Joan McLaughlin

Bob and Susan McLean

Mike and Sandy McManus

Walter and Roberta McNeill

Chrighton and Louise McShane

Mark and Susie Mead

Brooke Megrue

Alice Mencke

Carlos and Ellen Mendez-Penate

Taylor and Muffe Metcalfe

Richard and JoAnne Meurer

Kyle and Lisa Miller

Lee and Lois Miller

Donna Miller

Anne Harris and Seth Milliken

Russell and April Minton

Anne Linville and Mark Mistretta

Guy and Kacy Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell

Gary and Ellie Moffat

Gail Moloney

Mike and Candy Monaco

Wendy Montgomery

Margo Montgomery

Bob and Sarah Jane Moore

Don and Marla Moore

John Moran

Joseph and Deborah Morea

Mark and Karan Morein

Claudia Morgan

Leslie Hodges and Michael Moriarty

James and Priscilla Morphy

Bob and Susan Morrison

Katherine Morrow

Kim and Ingrid Morsman

Peter and Sharie Mortimer

Glenn and Lisa Muir

Claire Mulholland

Mark and Trish Mulvoy

Mary Murnane

Bernie and Rita Murphy

Rick and Nancy Murphy

Jack and Marie Murphy

Nikki Murphy

Maria Murray

Linda Musilli

Eleanor Naess

Sonny Nelson

Stephan and Judy Newhouse

Laurie Newhouse

Carol Newman

Paul and Pat Nezi

Anna Nichols

Pat Nick

Andy and Tina Nickle

Kevin and Terry Nolan

David and Sharon Northrup

Maureen O’Brien

James and Helen O’Connor

Sean and Baerbel O’Haire

Robert and Mary Kay O’Meara

Ray and Jean Oglethorpe

Alice Mae Orr

Allen and Terry Osteen

John and Liz Ottaway

Jenks and Harriett Parker

Rod and Julie Parker

Nicho and  Carole Parks

David and Patti Patton

Joanie and Dick Paulsen

David and Carol Pearson

Sallyan and Steve Pelletier

Deborah Peniston

Jim and Buff Penrose

Susie Perticone

Sherrie Petermann

Ralf and Pat Petersen

Jenny Pettinga

Mark and Gayle Pettinga

Patti Jo Pflug

George and Joann Phillips

Dean and Connie Phypers

Leo and Eve Pierce

Michael and Kathie Pierce

Jamie Thorsen and Charles Piermarini

Frederick and Dianna Piumelli

Jim and Kathleen Poole

Jack and Noreen Poulson

Ginny Powers

Jeff and Eilis Powers

David and Flora Pratt

June Prein

Giovanni and Betsy Prezioso

Peter and Susan Prezzano

Ted and Carol Price

Robert and Judith Prosser

Bob and Nancy Puff

Ann Purcell

CV and Connie Ramachadran

Jay and Peggy Rauth

Sandra Morgan and Claggett Read

John and Susanne Redmond

Bill and Pinky Regan

Max and Julie Reid

Douglas Reid

Joan Rhame

Mike and Anne Rhoads

Charlie and Pam Richards

Kennedy and Susan Richardson

Norman and Peggy Rickard

Donald and Patricia Riefler

Diana Hunt and William Ritchie

Bob and Karen Ritter

Betty Robertson

William and Susan Rodgers

Jorge and Annette Rodriguez

Rick and Cindy Roeding

Randy and Mary Rogers

Jack and Mollie Rogers

Joseph and Jean Rohs

Randy and Sandy Rolf

Frank and Nancy Roney

Ron and Nancy Rosner

John and Lauren Roth

Hunt and Cindy Rounsavall

Toms and Kathy Royal

George and Marcy Royster

Mary Tomlinson and John Ruggiero

Leonard and Ann  Rush

Kissy Russell

David and Robin Ryan

Tom and Darlene Ryder

Bonnie Sacerdote

John and Peg Salmon

John and Deanna Sammon

Tom and Olga Sandor

Joann Sargent

Tom Sargent

Barbara Saunders

Gerald & Kathy Saxe

Graham and Peggy Sayers

Nancy Sayford

Nick and Bobbi Schaus

Ken and Pixley Schiciano

William Schneebeck

James and Caro Schneithorst

Hap and Liz Schroeder

Axel and Sara Schupf

Joseph and Maria Schwartz

Warren and Virginia Schwerin

Michaela Scott

John and Darlene Scott

Bill and Marlynn Scully

Barbara Sedam

Andrew and Barbara Senchack

Holly Sethness

Jerry and Mary Rita Sheehan

David and Rhonda Sherwood

Ned and Emily Sherwood

Dick and Nancy  Shoemate

Patrick and Ellyn Shook

Binkley and Paula Shorts

Nicolas Platt and Lucy Shurtleff

Elliot and Margaret Siderides

Joe and Sue Siegelbaum

Clay and Kitty Simpson

Tom and Anna Bain Slater

Thomas and Sandra Slaughter

Pat Sawyer and Bob Smith

Pat Sawyer and Bob Smith

Herb and Ranna Smith

Gil and Lynn Smith

Sarabeth Smith

Crosby & Sandy Smith

Joseph and Mary Alice Smith

Rory and Betsy Smith

Francis and Gigi Smithers

Richard and Stephanie Solar

Peter and Susan Solomon

Daniel and Mary Jane Somers

John and Cathy Sommers

Dale and Matilde Sorensen

Andrew and Paulette Sowers

Julius and Marilynn Sparacino

Michael and Doreen Sproule

Edward and Melissa Stahel

Bill and Mary Lee Stallkamp

Robert and Claire Starrett

Meg and Don Steiner

Paul and Merrole Steinway

Rob and Cathy Stevenson

Charlotte Stifel

Abbey and Lila Stillman

Gay Stillwell

Ba Stone

Wendy Stowe

Ann Louise Strachan

Lindy Street

Seth and Kathy Strickland

King and Dace Stubbs

William and Carolyn Stutt

Barry and Ann Sullivan

Greg and Kathy Sullivan

Carter and Anne Sullivan

William and Peggy Surette

Malcolm Sutherland

Bernard and Paula Swain

Kirk and Carol Sweet

Biggs and Ward Tabler

Tom and Celie Tamoney

Joe and Edie Tato

Peg Tattersall

Fred and Carole Taylor

Andrew and Barbara Taylor

John and Tobey Taylor

George and Cathy Teneralli

Scott and Pattie Tenney

Bobby and Andrea Thibodeau

Charlie and Sue Thomas

Samuel and JoAnn Thomas

Peter and Alexandra Thompson

Peter  M. and Pat Thompson

Randy and Kate Thornton

Jan Tily

Bill and Dookie Tingue

Charles and Bonnie Tisi

Bill and Ellen Tobin

James and Sally Toffey

Joan Tormey

Tommy and Cathy Towles

Glenn and Emily Tremml

Janet Tribus

Steve and Carrie Trooboff

Andrew and Judy Tucker

Leslie Pfrang and Wayne Tucker

Frank and Kim Tsamoutales

Lee Twomey

Jeffrey and Carol Twyman

Joseph and Renee Tyson

Jim and Jean Ueltschi

Donald and Carolyn Urgo

Susan Van der Stricht

Bob and Elizabeth Van Dyk

Charles and Nancy Van Dyke

Betsy Van Pelt

Harry and Cary Van Wormer

Hans and Dede Van Zonneveld

Michael and Susan Veysey

Fay and Chris Vincent

David and Ellen Wagner

Thomas and Marlene Waldron

Patti Walsh

Jeff and Shari Wampler

Steve and Anne Warhover

John and Kelly  Warner

Susie Hunter and Douglas   Watson

Gregg and Nancy Wechsler

Tom and Anne Weinstock

Deborah Weise

Marcia Welch

Deborah Wells

Pat and Carol Welsh

John and Beth Werwaiss

Ken Wessel

Kent and Leslie Westberry

Jane Wykoff and Tony Whaling

John and Margie Wheeler

Charlie and Lynne Whipple

Mike and Sue White

Roger and Judith Widmann

Jim and Libby Wigdale

Alan and Cici Wilkinson

Gail Williams

Robert and Linda Williams

Don and Lynn Wilson

William and Teresa Winslow

Charles and Jane Wittmann

Alwyn and Bonnie Wolfarth

Mark and Ruth Wood

Hope Woodhouse and Richard  Canty

Joan Woodhouse

Jay and Betsy Woodruff

George and Susan Wyper

Peter and Lynn Yardley

George and Kristen Yoshitani

Bracebridge  Young and Landis Becker-Young

Richard and Doris Young

Allen and Judy Zern

Francis and Andrea Ziegler